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Adela Technologies is looking for an intern/apprentice that is eager to learn, excited about technologies, and looking for a challenge.  We have pending projects that need technical and project management help.  We don’t need people with a lot of experience, but we would like people that are self-driven, work quickly, and have a desire to learn.  In order for us to provide customers with the latest and most innovative services, we are building a team that can quickly innovate and deploy an MVP (minimum viable product) that we can continually improve and deploy in an agile environment.  Individuals that are looking for a company to surf the web, go on social media, do the minimum required, and just get by need not apply.

Soft Skills:

  • Able to create proof of concept in the least time possible. You work faster than most people do and you don’t need someone to hold your hand.
  • You love to absorb information, learn new things, and tinker. You read and learn more than most people do.  So much great information is free and you are constantly absorbing it.
  • You can communicate well with technical & non-technical people.  You commit to your ideas, defend them, but don’t come across as a know it all.  You put your money where your mouth is and provide data and proof for the skeptical people.
  • You are ambitious, want to create new services, products, and opportunities.  Ideas will start with our senior team and you will think of new and innovative ways to start projects and even own them if you really prove yourself.
  • You can write well and document how you were able to accomplish technical projects.
  • Can contribute to any project even if your technical skills aren’t at the same level as others.

Hard Skills:

  • Linux/Unix skills – You have downloaded a free distro and you understand your way around a command line interface.
  • Cloud Skills – You have accounts with Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and you can explain some of the services available, how you would use them to deploy basic applications or services.  Bonus if you can automate service deployment using automation tools (ie: CloudFormation, Ansible, Terraform).
  • You can explain system infrastructure – networking, file systems, hardware resource management, cloud infrastructure, etc.
  • Containers – You can explain what a container is, some of the platforms used and perhaps how to deploy one.
  • You can explain what makes a system vulnerable to attacks and how you might secure an application or network.

What We Offer

  • Paid time off
  • 401k
  • Bonuses
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Remote Work Available
Job Category: Cloud Architecture Engineering Systems Administration
Job Type: Freelance Full Time Part Time
Job Location: Northern VA Remote Washington DC Metro

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